Meaty Chilli and Low Carb Cornbread!

Yesterday was quite the chaotic day. For the first time ever, I got on the wrong bus going home from work. There’s a woman I work with who sometimes takes the same bus and I had just called our metro service and they said my bus would arrive in three minutes. So when a few minutes had passed and I saw my coworker getting on the bus, I assumed it was mine.

When the bus suddenly made a lurching right turn after a mile or so, I realised it was the wrong one. So, I got off a few streets later, did my shopping at a different market, and took a different bus home. Fun times.

Last night was my boyfriend’s birthday and also one of the only times I’ve ever had so much difficulty finding a restaurant that could seat us.

We weren’t sure what was going on, it was a Monday night and the weather was very nice, but geez, every place was just packed. He actually wanted to go to ‘Smokehouse’ in Islington, because they have very good burgers.

Nothing beats a delicious burger.

We got there and the hostess informed us they could only seat four tables per server and we would have to wait for some time. However, she wasn’t able to tell us how long for some reason. We went to the bar and it was completely packed, with only one server who seemed quite annoyed and frazzled. I couldn’t blame her, as it was so busy everywhere.

We waited about ten minutes with no service, when the people sitting beside us asked for a manager and started complaining. So, we decided to leave. Then, on the recommendation of my roommate, we went to ‘Patty & Bun’, a local favourite. They, too, were packed, with no available tables. So we left. Next, we headed for ‘Drip & Flip’, a neighbourhood place that has great food and usually no wait. We arrived and they were closed.

It was starting to turn into a black comedy. There were plenty of Asian food joints open but my guy wanted a nice burger. He suddenly thought of a local place, the ‘Dip & Flip’, and lo and behold, they were actually able to seat us.

We had very tasty burgers, but it was two hours from the time we left my place until the time we sat down to actually eat. Crazy!

Anyway, you came here for chilli so let’s talk about that. I wanted to try a chilli that would be nice and meaty, low in carbs, and bean free! So, I was excited to find this delicious recipe by Jamie Deen.

This meaty chilli recipe tastes delicious and doesn't have many carbohydrates.

I didn’t make a lot of changes to it. Unfortunately, I also didn’t follow the instructions too carefully, because it clearly said to cut the pieces of stew meat into small pieces. Due to this, my chilli had some pretty large pieces of meat.

I bought one pound of stew meat and one pound of ground beef rather than grinding my own. I also had some turkey bacon that needed to be used up so I fried it up and crumbled it into the chilli.

I am a fan of saucy chilli, but I don’t like recipes that have coffee added to them, so I added an additional cup of broth. All I can way is wow! I think this is the best chilli I’ve ever made! Super rich and flavourful.

I also wanted some low-carb cornbread to go with this. I found a recipe online that seemed to fit the bill, so I decided to give it a go.

Unfortunately, I had to toss the first batch I made. I used regular liquid stevia in it and it tasted like bitter, artificial sweetener bread. Fortunately, I had enough ingredients left to make a second batch, which I added no sweetener to.

This batch turned out very tasty and it does taste like cornbread, even though there’s no corn or corn meal in the recipe. Both of these recipes are great for a chilly, winter day!

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