Reviewing the Best Smoothie Maker by Andrew James

I love making all kinds of smoothie. Green smoothies and different types of breakfast smoothies are made daily at home but I’ve always bought blender after blender without really finding a truly excellent one. I obviously always tried to buy something that provided a good value, as I just don’t see the point of spending over the top for appliances. Trust me, when it comes to a smoothie maker, there are a lot of products out there. During my research, I’ve read a lot of guides but when it comes to electrical appliances, I always feel like I have to try the products before I can be sure on if they’re any good.

This Andrew James smoothie maker comes packed with features and is easy to use.

When I was looking at the Andrew James 4-in-1 Multifunctional blender, the thing that immediately caught my attention was the price. I think it was around £20 at the time so I was intrigued for an obvious reason. But I never go for appliances that are this cheap because most of the time, these stop working very quickly. There was something different about this one though. This smoothie maker looked different. It looked really good and seemed as if it had been made from high quality materials. It had a very innovative design with an LED light shining on the main settings panel. It just felt like the appearance was really good and it would look great in my kitchen. So, looking at the bargain price, I snapped it up without thinking anything else.

It arrived within a couple of days and I now had the chance to use it. Overall, the price was so low that obviously I wasn’t going to take this too seriously and use it as my main blender. On using it, I realised that the motor wasn’t that powerful (200 watts), something that I didn’t even look at before buying. This meant that I had to take it easy when operating this smoothie blender. Despite this, I was quite surprised at how well this worked. The jug has a 1 litre capacity but comes with a host of different attachments, which is a major bonus for a £20 blender.

When making smoothies, I always try and put relatively small pieces of fresh fruits and vegetables in the blender. So far, it hasn’t let me down because I always seem to get quite a smooth texture. In fairness, sometimes there are small chunks but I always expected that this smoothie maker wouldn’t be as powerful as some others that are much more expensive. I’ve even made sauces with this and I always get the same result. I think this blender is very easy to use due to the controls.

This smoothie blender comes with quite a few additional attachments such as a grinder. This is something of a huge bonus because this was very useful!

I just think that there are a lot of people who are trying to change their lifestyle by drinking green smoothies and eating healthier in general. In the past, these types of people might not be able to afford efficient yet quite costly blenders. This smoothie maker is literally cheap as chips and will do very well in any household. The obvious thing to do is to treat it with care as you should always be careful with £20 appliances. Who knows? Maybe it’ll stop working if you overuse it. But in general, I was quite pleased with my purchase. It looks good and performs very well for the price!

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